Who am I?

I’m a runner, cyclist, skier, flyfisher, traveler, adventurer, among other things along with a gear geek, eater, and beer drinker. I often combine my passions into a single trip or day/workout. Here, I share my experiences as a hybrid/multisport participant, as a fan/supporter/advocate of all the goodness I participate in, along with whatever other musings and tech/gear geekiness that comes to mind.

Early on

I grew up playing a lot of tennis. I also grew up with a love for fishing. Even though I ran cross country in high school, I remember not really liking it. But I also remember Coach Pasquecz commenting on how effortless I ran. That stuck with me through my competitive cycling and triathlon days, Taking a break from cycling and tri’s, I took up (just) running again – a girlfriend got me into trailrunning which was something totally different to me and came to love. In 2014, I did my first ultra (The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K).


I moved from San Francisco to escape the big city to Truckee to be closer to the things I loved to do. Along the way I’ve joined a fun and strong community of mountain athletes and have gone full skimo and trailrunning. I’m getting better at skinning efficiently uphill and sending the downhills on toothpicks after a full season that included US Nationals and The Grand Traverse. As for running, I’m still learning how to train and run ultras that are stupid long as well as how to crack 3 hours in a marathon. I’m shooting for UTMB in August, and NYC Marathon in November of 2022. Things are about to get real…