COVID Day 6: Done and Run?

This morning I woke up maybe slightly dehydrated but otherwise thinking “I’m testing negative today!” Wide awake by 7am, I rolled out of bed and took another antigen test. Nope. A bit of a bummer, but what does that really mean? CDC guidelines say I no longer need to isolate after 5 days. But we’re also in France. Besides that, I feel great. So I rode bikes to grab coffee in town with Mike and Usha. They had been going regularly to Shouka and I was finally able to join them along with Krissi. Quick stops at the Super U and a couple new favorite places (Ela!) – it was great to be out. Of course, consciously I did mask as appropriate.

Sticking to the theme of feeling great again, it was with certainty that I would be doing something longer than 4km today. Mike wanted to climb up to Col de Le Balme in Vallorcine – it would be a pretty tame climb on pretty easy trails. (We took the gondola up). I felt pretty good running uphill, even on the steeper grades – no problems breathing and much And bonus, the ankle felt good, though its still a bit swollen still.

Tomorrow we plan to run Courmayeur to Champex. It had been on our calendar since I got here but we’ve had to push it out. Although the plan is to go super easy, I’m hoping its not too long for someone who hasn’t even tested negative. And then there’s the ankle…

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