UTMB Race Week is here!

Wow, it is here. All the fun and excitement has started. Seeing a lot of people I know already and there’s a lot going on! Chamonix has really filled up fast. I’ll want to be a part of as much as I can but also will need to save my energy for the race. I’m trying to take in the fun and experience but not to get too overwhelmed with all I need to do!

Monday kicked off with PTL runners heading out for their 3+ days of adventure racing, the MCC race, and the opening of the Ultra-Trail Village. We were quick to the hit the UTMB merchandise tent as soon as it opened to see if there were any must have items and grab them before they either sold out or the lines got too long. Mike and I had run into town and back so we got our easy run in for the day.

Mike and Krissi returned back to village as soon as the vendor booths opened while I hung back at the house to work. They had hoped Vibram and their truck would be there to re-sole shoes but were sad to find they were no longer participating in that capacity.

On Tuesday midnight TDS started, and we were up and out early to hit the vendor booths early to get some items. With the approaching cold front I wanted to upgrade some gear. I had brought with me SealSkinz gloves which I used in the past (CCC and TDS) but they were really too small and ill fitting. I hadn’t really needed waterproof gloves for running so just hadn’t bothered to replace them. I found a similar glove made by Verjari that I think will work much better. I also picked up a nice pair of Raid tights (at a nice discount) and and ankle support brace by Zamst that can be worn while running. I’ll put that in my pack for insurance. Our friend Clodagh who as been great, providing much needed massage therapy, has been helping be get the ankle ready. I got one more pre-race tune up with her and we’ll probably Rock tape it before the start.

Friends Kelly and Elise rolled into town and I met them out at one of my favorite places – Poco Loco and then Big Mountain Brewing where we cheered the top 10 TDS finishers into Chamonix before I had to get off o bed.

Cheering in the top TDS finishers

Today is a rest (from running) + work day. Hoping to get out with Mike for a beer later though, and maybe see DPMR friends if I get all my stuff done – or enough to feel good about and not stressed.

Thursday’s going to be a busy day with a short run, gear checking, race bib pickup, greeting Linda Claire and Scott who will be crewing me, going over race plans, seeing Krissi finish, dinner, and hopefully retire to bed at a reasonable hour.

Friday is going to be interesting as we have 6pm start. I’ve debated about how I am going to prep for the late start and think I’ll just go about my day as normal, but chill, take a midday nap, then wake up and go!

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking plans as the weather forecast changes, but at this point I think I got everything. It’s now just a matter of taking care of myself as best I can the next, ugh, 54 hours…

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